'Abstract Clock Tracks' is an app that creates unique, abstract
chord progressions by simply pressing a button. The app also
generates riffs and beats via preprogrammed rhythmic patterns.
Backing tracks are then created and can be used to work on
soloing/improvising, write melodies, compose, or whatever you like.

The app creates progressions consisting of 8 note groups
made up of 3 notes each using all 12 musical notes.
Select measures of 4/4 at 133bpm, 3/4 at 100 bpm, or 5/4 at
166bpm. Each time signature/tempo has 7 different drum beats
to choose from, and a click track.

You can also create a progression from scratch, depending
on what tonalities you want to hear and work with.

To get a better idea of how to use the app, watch the
tutorial at www.ronjarzombek.com/apptutorials.html

So if you're just tired of using the same old progressions
that you've heard before and are looking for some new and
creative progressions to work with, or just want to brush up
on your knowledge of theory, and what scales work over
certain sets of notes, this might be the app for you!...

Here's a bunch of progressions to try out and use...


'Abstract Clock Tracks' app concept by Ron Jarzombek
IDE programming by Gurpreet Singh Matharoo
Graphics by Ron Jarzombek
Midi programming by Ron Jarzombek

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