'Kill The Digital Distortion' is the 3rd song released by
Ron Jarzombek as a multitracking app. It is a remake of the original song
'Kill The White Noise' which appears on the CD 'Ron Jarzombek - Solitarily
Speaking Of Theoretical Confinement'

Music composed by Ron Jarzombek
Graphics by TeoLazarev

Produced, mixed and engineered by Ron Jarzombek
Guitars, bass and drum programming by Ron Jarzombek

Also available:
'Kill The Digital Distortion' and 'Kill The White Noise'
from various downloading/streaming outlets.

App 4 track operation

- Multiple Play buttons let you start from selected points in the song

- Highlighted instruments indicate when tracks are active

- Each track contains two "speaker" buttons which let you select which instrument
you want to hear. You can hear each recorded part by itself or not at all.

- The "speaker" buttons also alternate between two different recorded parts or
instruments, allowing you various combinations of tracks.

- Solo each track to hear exactly what is being played.

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