'System 2412' is a writing system app that creates atonal chord
progressions by simply pressing a button. You can also create from scratch,
depending on what tonalities you want to hear and work with.

This app is for the musicians, writers and players who are looking for
new progressions, different ways to construct riffs/melodies, to practice
soloing, or maybe challenge themselves with uncommon/unconventional
note groupings.

All you really need is a grasp of basic music theory... knowledge of
chords and intervals, and what scales can be played over them.
And counting from 1 to 16 for the time signatures. That's it.

However, if you are the type of player who wants to play epic blues
solos totally by feel, have no idea what you're doing theoretically,
aren't sure of where notes are on your guitar/instrument, or just
hate working with notes, then don't even mess with this app.
It's not for you.

Here's a bit more information on how to construct better
progressions with the app, some helpful tips/suggestions...

...and a bunch of progressions to try out and use...


Take to a listen to the song 'We Have Controlled The Federation' which
I wrote exclusively with progressions that I came up with using the
'System 2412' app...

'System 2412' app concept by Ron Jarzombek
IDE programming by Gurpreet Singh Matharoo
Graphics by Ron Jarzombek
Midi programming by Ron Jarzombek

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