SPASTIC INK - 'Ink Complete'
Eclectic Electric 2001 DP
Release date - August 1997

Ron Jarzombek - Guitars, programming
Pete Perez - Bass
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums

1. The Mad Data Race
2. A Morning With Squeakie
3. Just A Little Dirty
4. See, And It's Sharp!
5. Suspended On All Fours
6. A Wild Hare
7. Harm And Half-Time Baking Shuffle
8. To Counter And Groove In E Minor
9. That 178 Thing
10. Eighths Is Enough
11. Mosquito Brain Surgery

12. 24 minute bonus track of "work tapes"

Playing music for the sake of music and not succumbing to "The Sickness",
as Neil Peart of Rush once called it upon seeing first hand how calculating
some bands were about being commercial, has always been a guiding
principle for SPASTIC INK - come hell or high water, and regardless
of trends, pressures or lame-brained A&R execs.

But then, conforming and choosing the path of least resistance has never
been the modus operandi for the members of this San Antonio, Texas-based
triumvirate. In fact, SI mastermind RON JARZOMBEK first honed his skills
with hometown boys S. A. SLAYER (whose line-up also included current
Machine Head skinbasher Dave McClain...), noted for their rather technical
approach, before joining forces with internationally acclaimed fusion
metal trailblazers WATCHTOWER and lending his twisted axe-pertise to the
band's now classic "Control And Resistance" album.

Similarly, brother / drummer BOBBY JARZOMBEK has played his share of
odd-metered music, getting his initial start with another Lone Star state
outfit, JUGGERNAUT, before moving on to join NYC metal legends RIOT.
Quickly earning a reputation as one of the premier talents around,
Jarzombek toured extensively and recorded four albums with the group.
Most notably, the genre-expanding "The Privilege Of Power" which
contained a blistering version of the Al DiMeola classic "Racing With
The Devil On A Spanish Highway", in addition to a couple of tracks
featuring the Tower Of Power horn section, resulting in what was,
quite possibly, the first attempt ever at brass-tinged metal music.

Having grown up and played together off and on all their lives,
it was only a matter of time before the Jarzombek brothers would hook
up again and renew their musical ties. The timing finally seemed
right after Ron's recovery from a half-dozen or so hand surgeries,
coupled with Bobby's growing disenchantment with Riot. Joined by local
bassist extraordinaire, PETE PEREZ, yet another RIOT alum, the duo
formed the aptly-named SPASTIC INK (as in "crazy, written-out music")
in 1993, setting out to further push the boundaries of musical order
and chaos.

The trio soon emerged with an initial four-song demo which, although
not officially available, quickly found its way into the collective
hands of the underground, earning high praise from press and fans alike.
Eventually, the band finished up seven more tunes by late '94 in hopes
of securing a record deal - only to realize that the label world wasn't
in the market for anything bold, innovative, and adventurous, but much
rather preferred the tried, formulated, and mundane. Just when it looked
like the guys might have to beg, borrow and steal to complete their
mission - enter: Dream Circle Records, long a home for musical outsiders,
who offered SPASTIC INK a platform to operate from.

Containing a total of 11 tracks, "Ink Complete" delivers some of the
most breathtaking instrumental music to come down the pike in quite some
time. Ranging from the relentlessly pulsating "The Mad Data Race" and
the soothing melodies of "Eighths Is Enough" , to the quirky narrative
of "A Morning With Squeakie" and, finally, "Mosquito Brain Surgery", an
8 minute-plus tour de force, SPASTIC INK's colorful soundscapes are as
intense as they are captivating. Much more than a trio of out-of-control
Shredasauruses, SI display an overall musical maturity that's rarely
encountered anymore, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to stir
the listener's imagination and emotions. "Ink Complete" is indelible proof
that, indeed, music can speak louder than words.