oooI was just a kid when I saw the picture of Alex Lifeson with his doubleneck axe on the inside poster from Rush's "Hemispheres" album. He had this cool expression on his face like "Hey, this is me with my bad axe, check me out". He knew he was bad, and I knew he was bad. And so there I would be in history class at school with my teacher talking about the Coachuiltecan Indians coming to Texas or something, and I was in my desk making drawings of doubleneck guitars. Little did I know that several years down the road I would be firing up one of these monsters. I didn't really have a specific need for two necks on one guitar, be it a 12 string/6 string combination, different tunings, or whatever. I just wanted a double neck, damnit!

oooI carefully designed and built this guitar, painting it purple, yellow, blue, and white swirl. I think I did only one gig with this thing. When I played it, it nearly killed my shoulder. It was too damn heavy. Plus, when I played on the bottom neck, my hand kept hitting the whammy bar of the top neck. The necks were swinging all over the place, hitting everything. I sadly took it apart and am using the parts on other guitars. The top neck, which has 29 frets, is on the purple and yellow swirl strat. The bottom neck is now on the small travel guitar.

P. S. My room was a little messy when I took this picture, sorry about that.

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