Ron Jarzombek Custom Guitars

I am rather selective when it comes to guitars. For me, it's easier to build a guitar totally from scratch
than to buy something off the shelf and customize it.

These are the 3 guitars that I am currently playing live and on recordings...

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These old guitars (several of them retired) have bodies that are made from poplar and maple woods.
A few of them were built when my left hand was wasted. I guess you could say that during that time instead
of practicing guitar, I was building them. The necks were taken off of guitars that I came across at local music stores.
I sand the fingerboards off of the necks and slap on a piece of 1/4" hard maple. Shape it, cut 24 fret slots and
hammer in Jim Dunlop jumbo frets. All guitars have one Seymour Duncan SH6 pickup, and a Floyd Rose tremolo.
The swirl paint jobs were done by laying the guitar down flat and pouring on different colored paints, then
smearing them around.

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