Spastic Ink - Ink Complete
Review by Erik Welty, Metallic Symphonies

If this disc doesn't get Watchtower fans excited, I don't know what will. Ron Jarzombek (guitarist on _Control and Resistance_), provides some insane guitar work for this project that reflects his Watchtower style, but also shows his jazz leanings and a compositional sense of humor. When you buy this disc, don't forget to read the liner for the stories that go along with each song. I got a particular kick out of Squeakie, the squirrel.

'Ink Complete'

Every year brings about new rumors about a new Watchtower CD. Likewise, every year has disappointed, until now. It appears that Ron has decided to carry on the Watchtower torch with his instrumental band, Spastic Inc. The absence of vocals is an absolute plus. For me, the annoying vocals of McMaster and Techhio got in the way of some of the most amazing instrumental work ever put to disc. Those days are over. Spastic Ink gives us that Watchtower sound, but a few years of additional maturity have added some jazzy influences and even a bit of classical orchestration in parts. This may well be the pinnacle of technical metal. This disc is both insane and easy to listen to.

Erik Welty, Metallic Symphonies

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