Spastic Ink - Ink Complete
Review by Fox, Final Verdict

If you like really technical music, go out and buy this disc, you'll be in heaven, there is no need read futher. If songs are your thing, don't let that statement fool you, but read on. Spastic Ink are an instrumental trio playing extremely technical progressive metal, Ron and Bobby Jarzombeck play guitar and bass respectively and Pete Perez is on bass, all three excel at their respective instruments and if you musicians are looking for something challenging to play, look no futher. They do not however show off their talents more than their songwriting abilities, as I may have initially suspected before listening. The songs are highly varied, and the booklet actually has pretty cool descriptions of each one, I'll try not to repeat too much of that though.

"The Mad Data Race" has a lot of sixteenth rhythms and they throw it around between the instruments quite a bit, and basically, has a futuristic tonal, and techy lifeless feel to it. Unfortunately a couple other songs have that dull guitar tone, and aren't quite as rhythmic. "A Morning With Squeakie" would be one example. "Just A Little Dirty" is a cool heavier riff song. "See, and It's Sharp!" is brilliant, as it uses no notes but C and C# in different octaves and the drums don't use any toms. Its the darkest song on the album, and although kinda simple in comparison its really cool! The next two tracks drift off into blah tonality and bore me somewhat, although there's good parts to each. "A Wild Hare" is actually a cover song of a 1942 animated film and a whole orchestra as well as sound effects were transcribed to fit this line up. Its interesting at least. "Harm and Half-time Baking Shuffle" is a showcase for Bobby's badass drumming skills, and features a cool drum solo. "To Counter and Groove in E Minor" is another excellent track which opens with violin sounding guitar and bass in fugue form, then busts into more of a funk beat yet the fugue style melodies continue, it works incredibly well. yes Funk rock Fugues believe it or not. "That 178 Thing" is really cool featuring some cool riffs and fast playing. "Eights is Enough" is a more subdued piece, almost a ballad, nice guitar tones. Really cool to listen to. "Mosquito Brain Surgery" is a really cool song featuring some variation and is one of the more rockier pieces. "Demos" is just a bunch of riffs on the album all stuck together, the production is quite a bit rougher too, kind of a neat retrospective, but not always worth listening to.

If you wish Dream Theater would loss the vocals and play crazier music, you'll love this. I think a few of the songs are definitely grade A material, but a few kinda fall flat as well. This isn't something that fits every mood either. (Rating 87/100)

Fox, Final Verdict

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