Spastic Ink - Ink Complete
Review by Matt D'Agostino, Hammerhead

Many of you may know that I really don't love reviewing stuff that is older. This CD is over three years old and just being re-released in 2000. The thing with this release is that it is a special one. Whatever happened to Retarded Elf? Getting right to business. This band is made up of the influential minds of Watchtower and one from Riot (NY). It all ties in with Halford's new band now. The guys bring it back to the basic four track recorder. That 87 Watchtower demo sounds sweet with four tracks. This is also a very clean CD the Spas ones did. This is all instrumental free form music. If you loved Watchtower then you'll love this. Also you Rush fans will be floored. Alan Holdsworth jazz fans also will jump on board. They are a great form of prog rocking. I'd assume a band like Metallica and Dream Theater would attribute some influence back to the Jarzombek trio I don't dare to pinpoint one track to be the best because this is a full on pleasure to listen to. I'd rather let you in on other things. Also listen to your Death albums closely and you might see where some of their prog ideas may have spawned from. The band are currently working on a new record with many guests to appear like Steve DiGiorgio, Sean Malone, Doug Keyser and also Jason McMaster and more. The record will be called Ink Compatible and you will find some of the best shredding music to become available. Out by early 2001???? As far as this CD. I was jumping around with such glee! Also as some may have seen on the news page on my site many weeks ago I told you about the reunion on Watchtower is also in the works. This is the true shit!

Matt D'Agostino, Hammerhead

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