Spastic Ink - Ink Complete
Review by Messiah, Final Verdict

Spastic Ink is the brainchild of Ron Jarzombek, guitar God of WatchTower and SA Slayer. He got his brother Bobby (now in the Rob Halford band) to do drums, and one Pete Perez to do bass. If you haven't ever heard of the Jarzombeck's original bands (Riot, WatchTower) then here's your chance to learn about some of the most talented musicians playing metal music today. Only the most technical groups can hold a candle up to the musicianship that this disc's reputation is built on.

Furthermore, only the most talented songwriters can combine their skills with a feel for how a song should sound. 'Ink Complete' isn't a technical wankfest... it's actually a suprisingly well-rounded disc of original music. Rather than just screw around with variations on a theme like Yngwie Malmsteem does, Ron Jarzombeck's technical prowess is used in both melodic and rhythmic fashions, creating an unmistakable style and sound. Catch the syncopated sections of 'The Mad Data Race'... your jaw will drop. Pete Perez's bass work is phenomenal, and plays a very active part of the musical chaos. Finally, Bob Jarzombeck is arguably the best drummer in all of metal, just as his brother is the best guitarist. From tasteful smoothness in 'Eights is Enough' to the all-out energy of 'Mosquito Brain Surgery', he is just uncomparable.

Not all of the songs on this master opus are focused on technicality... 'Eights is Enough' is a startling piece, with a space whole-tone sound that transposes to minor for a solemn feel. 'Counter And Groove' has a disco-ish feel that wouldn't be very technical at all without some crazy soloing.

In any case, this disc should be yours, just so you can see the apex of what truly gifted musicians and artists are capable of. If you can't find it in stores, keep checking as the latest word is that there will be a repressing with bonus tracks. Rock on! (Rating: 94/100)

Messiah, Final Verdict

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