Spastic Ink - Ink Complete
Review by Nathan Robinson, Metal Rules!

Every metal fan must own this album!!!!!!!!! For those that donít already know, Spastic Ink is the baby of ex-Watchtower guitarist Ron Jarzombek. The lineup on this entirely instrumental album is completed by Riot drummer Bobby Jarzombek and bassist Pete Perez, respectively. Let me tell you, this is the most technical album I have ever heard!!! The musicianship is of the highest order, and I believe Ron is the greatest metal guitarist ever to grace the planet! His playing is truly unique and absolutely phenomenal!! Some of the guitar lines he has come up with sound inhuman! His hand bounces all over the frets, in perfect synchronization with the bass and drums. The songs have some pretty bizarre structures along with odd timing and constant changes, which would be expected of technical music. But Spastic Ink goes beyond other bands Iíve heard, mainly due to the fact that Ronís technical skill and ability to create such complex arrangements are far superior. But letís not forget Bobby and Pete! These guys provide a solid foundation for Ronís playing, and donít just merely reside in the background. Bobby is quite a spazz on the drums. He really gives it all heís got, making his presence on the album a very noticeable and obvious one. Thatís right, no boring-ass simplistic AC/DC kick-snare- kick-snare drumming like that jackass that backs up Joe Satriani (ok ok, Iíve only heard a few of his songs, but they were booooooring). Peteís rumblings can almost be overlooked, because the guitars and drums are just so over-the-top. However, listen hard and youíll see that Pete also kicks some serious ass!

Ink Complete was originally released in 1997 and has been out of print for a couple years. And because this CD absolutely rules the universe and is very hard to find, it was a splendid and much-appreciated idea to re-release it. So for those of you who still donít have it, nowís your chance!! And for those of you who do own it, hereís a reason to buy it again: a 24-minute bonus track has been added to the end of the CD, bringing the total disc length to over 73 minutes!! Hell yes!! The bonus track is a compilation of edited Ink Complete work tapes. Most of the material is bits and pieces of demo versions of the songs on the album, although a few parts sound new since they apparently were never used. The quality varies throughout the bonus track, but it is a rather interesting listen. In addition, the booklet contains a new layout same interesting liner notes and drawings for each song, but this time in color and arranged a bit differently.

This album is breathtaking and downright amazing. Ink Complete must be owned by every metal fan on this planet! I would like to have given this album a six out of five, as albums like this one are rare. I wouldnít call it a 'guitar hero' album, as most 'guitar hero' albums Iíve heard are more gentile, typical, showy, and have standard boring drummers and bassists. Instrumental albums should focus on everything the guitars, drums, bass, and how the songs are written. Spastic Ink delivers just that! There is really only one complaint I can level against this album: the production of the drums. They sound a bit harsh and under-produced. Now Iím all for rough and natural-sounding drums. But the drums on this album are harsh, and thus a bit hard on the ears. I want to just crank this album louder than shit every time I put it on, but the drums would totally obliterate my hearing. But what the hell, at least theyíre not electronic! Visit the Spastic Ink web site at: Read every damn page, listen to some samples, and buy damn CD!!!! (Rating: 5/5)

Nathan Robinson, Metal Rules!

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