Spastic Ink - Ink Complete
Review by Nenad Kobal, New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

This is new band of Ron Jarzombek (guitar), once in WatchTower, today also in Gordian Knot. He is accompanied with his brother Bob (drums) and bassist Pete Perez. Basically trio (full of power), this band continues were WatchTower had ceased. All members are monster players and present totally instrumental, hyper-technical jazz-fusion metal or maybe "extreme-fusion-lite".

Ink Complete may be perceived as a festival of a hyperfast playing with a lot of "hick-ups", contrarhythms and polyrhythmics. Each track tries to encapsulate particular story, event or period of making certain track, which can be read about in CD-booklet. Basically Holdsworth-influenced WatchTower sound has shifted even more towards Voi Vod (a lot of crunchy dissonances), has also some Cynic characteristics (quick moving and shifting themes + mysterious atmospheres). Hickups sometimes reminds me of Nimal (no joke). A lot of unexpected, maybe even odd sounds can be heard. 8+ minute long "A Wild Hare" surprises with a Mozart-like theme, later with waltzer theme, which could be at home in my country as well, )))), and then with barocco theme which is intervowen with double bass drum attacks. "To Counter And Groove in E-minor" is a hickupy barocco inspired song with middle eastern influences intervowen into incredible harmonies. Another 8+ minute long suite "Mosquito Brain Surgery" evokes the best WatchTower circa Control and Resistance mixed with some peaceful atmospherical passages. "The Mad Data Race" is nice mixture between WatchTower and Voi Vod era Dimension Hatross, which invades into the cranium, going straight on neurons while cortex begs for more. This is the most spastic (a lot of unxpected movements) track on CD. Notes simply run all around in surgical laser-streams. Magni(ef)ficient. "A Morning With Squeaky" (must be of a cartoon squirrel) is..., yeah, like a jazz-fusion going cartoon music. "See, and Itís Sharp" is heavy, maximally minimalistic track with a dark atmosphere and strange industrial-like (contra)rhythms.

Ink Complete is fairly adventurous work, as progressive works should be. It doesnít sound robotic and dry, due to so much technical skill present, as one might think. Lovers of intense fusion should go for it, as well as more adventurous listeners. Essential!!

Nenad Kobal, New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

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