Spastic Ink - Ink Complete
Review by Ron Schoonwater, Rock E-zine

This is actually a reissue of the 1997 release. This CD contains however 25 minutes more 'work tapes and a redesigned artwork'. For the USA this is the first time the CD is available as a domestic release. SPASTIC INK is primarily the brainchild of guitarist/ composer Ron Jarzombek. Although he played in several bands he's best known from his work with Watchtower (who also have reformed!). This is the reason why you will find my name at the bottom of this review, because "Control And Resistance" made a big impact back then (in 1989) with it's difficult, progressive metal.

Now you have a bit of an idea what you can expect from this SPASTIC INK. They play difficult musical structures. This time without words. If you want to describe this music you can call it a mixture between David T. Chastain, (the early freaky) Steve Vai and Watchtower. It's difficult to believe there is still an audience for this kind of music. I can imagine that there are musicians who will be so intimidated by this music that they will stop playing. Other music lovers will find this probably too difficult to really enjoy it. Although I belong to the last group these musicians play at such a high level that you can't deny it. That's why this CD is definitely worth while buying for the real music(ians) freaks. (Rating: 7.5/10)

Ron Schoonwater, Rock E-zine

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