Spastic Ink - Ink Complete
Review by Wayne Klinger, Ballbuster

You may remember the Gordian Knot release The Lasers Edge/Sensory put out awhile ago--well this is Ron Jarzombek's other project with his brother Bobby (on the new Halford, was with Riot and Juggernaut) and Pete Perez on bass--(also a Riot member for quite some time). Ron's notorious background besides Gordian Knot was some exceptional metal--S.A.Slayer and the well-known Watchtower (which had Hades/Non- Fiction members as well). This is more like another Gordian Knot release so you don't automatically assume it's going to be another great speed metal CD!!! It's a great CD in my opinion, but it's instrumental experimentation or "spastic ink" for 73 1/2 minutes on 12 tracks. I call this the Voi Vod, Rush, Fates Warning collaboration with Jeff Kollman!!! My best interpretation of where the musical direction is with superior leadwork and focusing on technical fill-ins and timing is the absolute precision on this--just great!! Heavier than Gordian Knot, which is good too as I got tired of the "chap" bass and all that funk, blues psychedelia. They are to release yet another new CD with more new songs with a all-star cast of guest appearances including Steve DiGiorgio (Sadus, Autopsy, etc.), Sean Malone (Gordian Knot, Cynic), Richard Christy, Jason McMaster, etc. This CD should do well in the guitar-enthused part of the media--serious listeners and guitar- oriented publications will eat this up!!!

Wayne Klinger, Ballbuster

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