"Spastic Ink - Ink Compatible"
Review by Mike Sandomirsky

Spastic Ink, the brain trust of Ron and Bobby Jarzombek, returns with a wild conceptual CD that takes the listener to new heights of musical mayhem. Ink Compatible is a unique vision that challenges everything we know about recorded music. Not for the week of spirit, Ink Compatible twists and turns from start to finish. The CD is packed with some great performances from a stellar line up of first rate musicians that include: Jason McMaster, Marty Friedman, Michael Manring and Jens Johansson to mention a few.

Pushing boundaries is what Spastic Ink do and they do it with great conviction and technical dexterity. The CD features some of the most bizarre musical statements to be released this side of Looney Tunes.

Combining elements of jazz, fusion, electronica, shred, metal, prog… you name it. It’s all included here on. This is serious music with over the top tempo grooves that only the fleetest of finger would even attempt to play – these guys do it with the ease of a well greased machine. Each member of this unique band is of the highest musical caliber, brining a tour-de-force of influences an individual virtuosity to the table. All compositions featured on this excellent release are designed to keep the listener on the edge of the cliff. This is impact music that conjures up a variety of emotional responses from all out hypertension to uncontrollable laughter. The CD is packed with smoldering performances that make it one of the great listening experiences of the 21st century. Musical boundaries are stretched about as far as they can be stretched all the while maintaining musical coherence. In a world full of manipulated musical clones or maybe I should say clowns, it is refreshing to come across a group of prolific musicians so willing to push the limits.

Highlights of the CD include all 9 tracks. Here are my favorites:

"Aquanet” – High tension fusion with a great melody drive this insane composition. Bobby and Ron sync it up like two rhythm machines on hyper drive. Blasting out an ultra speedy groove the track is packed with some super fast, I mean insanely revved up sequences that play counterpoint to the main theme of the composition.

"Just A Little Bit” – a way cool guitar extravaganza that showcase Ron’s insane chops and tasty licks. Time changes abound over a heavy groove with multiple solo excursions. A real brain teaser.

"Multi - Masking” – The CD’s standout track, an epic fusion masterpiece with some great backwards sequencing a catchy melody and great soloing by all members. Excellent intertwining of instrumentation makes this a serious musical statement. Jason McMaster delivers a superb vocal accompaniment to this brilliant composition.

Spastic Ink boldly goes where no mere mortals would dare tread. A revolutionary statement “Ink Compatible” is a masterpiece of originality. This entire CD will blow the doors off of the prog-jazz-fusion crowd worldwide. A must have for the serious music connoisseur. (Rating: 5/5)

Mike Sandomirsky, Guitar Mania

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