"Ron Jarzombek - Solitarily Speaking Of Theoretical Confinement"
Review by MJ Brady

Ron Jarzombek can be metaphorically described as what happens when gifted scientists elect to drop their studies in favor of playing electric guitar. He has become known in certain circles for being one of the most technically dedicated song writers, having been involved with the band Watchtower, and more recently with his own instrumental project Spastic Ink. He has guested on the first Gordian Knot cd, and has now released two solo cds under his own name.

Spastic Ink fans have been patiently awaiting the release of the second Ink cd called Incompatible, certain obstacles and circumstances have delayed the cd thus far, but Ron Jarzombek, the sole writer for Ink, has released this 45 song collection of Ink-like music to satiate your desire of some of the heaviest and complex music created by man. And that has become the Jarzombek trademark, creating music that comes as close to being mechanical as is humanly possible.

His music is not for the lovers of melodic ballads, it is more geared for those who enjoy the pleasures of calculus, quantum theories, and other confounding sciences as appied to the science of music. SSOTC as shortened version of this cd's name, is very mush what fans of Jarzombeks' music have come to expect, I am glad to say that RJ's recording techniques are now caught up with is prodigeous playing and writing skills, and that is about the largest difference as compared with prior releases.

His playing is very unique, a hybrid of so many of the great players out there, of which he is one. He has a quirky sense of soloing simialar to Steve Vai or Mike Keneally. He also can really tear it up like Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker or Michael Romeo. Yet his writing is altogether something different, few of these players would have the patience to compose music of such a high degree of difficulty, sacrificing the space to show his soloist's forte, he prefers to exact every note, beat, and change to create complexity in music that is surely some of the most seemingly impossible to comprehend.

SSOTC is some great stuff for the lovers of complex, perplexing, shifty and ultra-technical progressive metal, and will give you that needed 'fix' to hold you over until the new Ink cd sees the light of day.

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