'Ron Jarzombek - PHHHP! Plus'
Review by Alban Schmid, Edge Of Time

The mad guitarist from Spastic Ink gathered some 14 old tapes on this CD. It contains experimental songs which were written and recorded on a 4 track during the WatchTower years. Of course, the sound is very raw, with only guitars, bass, and drum programming. All tracks are solely instrumental and have a highly experimental bend: definitely not for the faint of heart! Expect some really, really insane technical metal strongly reminiscent of Spastic Ink. If fact, because of the chronology, it's a kind of pre-Spastic Ink! All characteristics of Ron's incredible playing are featured: free tonality, atonality, polyrhythm, exotic scales, complex chord progressions, time changes, odd measure, etc. plus some crazy noises (Donald Duck voices, female voices, an alarm clock, among others). Well, if you are not afraid to venture in a strange territory, grab this one. (Rating: 4/5)

Alban Schmid, Edge Of Time

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