Ron Jarzombek - PHHHP! Plus
Eclectic Electric 2009

Official release date - September 15, 2009

(Click on the underlined titles for mp3s)

1. PHHHP! :04
2. Kill The White Noise 2:00
3. This Nice Blonde 3:30
4. Nighty-Nite 1:54
5. It Looks Like A Chicken 4:49
6. "Oh No, Mr. Kitty!" 3:31
7. Electrical Stud 2:00
8. Test Tones 1:42
9. Pre-Slam Discussions 3:41
10. Blink For Me 1:10
11. Zits In 3-D 2:44
12. That's Odd 3:52
13. The Blood Boogie 2:46
14. Ants On My Windshield 9:52
15. Tri-Vivace :51
16. Dead Machine 4:37
17. Hello There! :14
18. Die Bleeding 4:19
19. Let's Eat Glass 1:02
20. Fishies On Leashes 5:03
21. Blessed Corpse 1:18
22. The Respiratory Therapist Wanna-Be 1:19
23. Of The Essence 1:41
24. Razor Blade Baby 2:07
25. Bombs Away :25
26. The Slow Song 1:34

My first solo CD 'PHHHP!' has finally been released on "real" disc!

'PHHHP! Plus', combines the 'PHHHP!' recordings previously only released
on high quality CD-R and cassette, with 12 additional cuts.

I've been getting e-mails for years about properly releasing 'PHHHP!' on CD from people that had cassette copies
of these songs some twenty years ago. I was hesitant for a long time because I was more interested in releasing new music
rather than resurrecting the past. Eventually, I considered doing a digital-only release but I know a lot of fans, prog and
metal fans in particular, still want that physical CD rather than just an MP3 for their iPod. So I came around to the idea of
pressing up product after all but adding bonus tracks to really make it worthwhile. I started to go through old boxes of tapes
and found stuff I didn't even remember I had - tunes I recorded on my older brother Ralph's four-track machine over at his
apartment while he was away at work, tunes I had written right after getting my own four-track, including 'Ants On My Windshield'
and 'Fishies On Leashes' (originally written for my FATES WARNING audition ca. '86), which features my brother Bobby on drums,
and a bunch of other unreleased tracks that were recorded before I joined WATCHTOWER. None of these 'PHHHP! Plus' tunes were
ever played with a band because either there were too many guitar parts, or because it was coming from a totally different
musical perspective. If anything this was SPASTIC INK before there was SPASTIC INK.

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