Ron Jarzombek - PHHHP! Plus
Eclectic Electric 2009
Release date - September 15, 2009

All Music and lyrics by Ron Jarzombek
except 'Of The Essence' lyrics by Alan Tecchio

Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Ron Jarzombek

Ron Jarzombek - Guitars, guitars, bass, drum programming,
tape manipulation, noises and effects, voices, and more guitars
No harmonizers (except on 'Of The Essence')

Bobby Jarzombek - Drums on 'Fishies On Leashes'
Alan Tecchio - Voice on "Of The Essence
MXR Distortion pedal - White Noise
Various Chicks - Voices
Mooch - Meow
Crickets - Leg rubbing
Alarm Clock - Beeps

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