Ron Jarzombek - Guitars
Alex Webster - Bass
????? ????? - Drums

For the past year or so, I have been writing some heavy, brutal, technical, psychedelic, doomy music with Mr. "Hammer Smashed Bass" himself Alex Webster, bassist for CANNIBAL CORPSE. We have all of the material written and are already recording our master tracks.

Not totally decided on a name yet, we are tentatively calling the project MACHINATIONS OF DEMENTIA.

We are currently looking for a drummer to complete our little 3 headed monster. Anyone interested in the position can contact me at Since this is an internet recording project that involves tranferring information with mp3s and sheet music via email attachments, reading music is a must.

Alex just finished recording the next Cannibal Corpse album "Kill", and they will be on tour in April '06, so Alex will most likely be done recording his Machinations bass tracks in February/March. I will be done recording my rhythm tracks at that same time but still have to write and record solos and melodies.

We have chosen the topic/concept of brain inactivity and disorders. There are 17 titles that we are working with, but not all of them will be full "songs". Tracks vary in length from 1 to 8 minutes. Close to a good full hour of some techy yet brutal stuff. Song titles include "Narcolepsy", "Bleeding In The Brain", "R.E.M.", "Synaptic Plasticity", "Laser Lobotomy", "The Insomniac", "EEG Tracings", "Oscillation Cycles", and "Brain Fingerprinting".

Also, kind of interesting (for me anyways!) is the new Circle Of 12 Tones theoretical system that Alex and I are using for writing tunes. There are a few videos of tunes here. Check it out!