My new app 'Abstract Clock Tracks' is now available
on all iOS and Android devices!!!

'Abstract Clock Tracks' is an app that creates unique, abstract
chord progressions by simply pressing a button. The app also
generates riffs and beats via preprogrammed rhythmic patterns.
Backing tracks are then created and can be used to work on
soloing/improvising, write melodies, compose, or whatever you like.

The app creates progressions consisting of 8 note groups
made up of 3 notes each using all 12 musical notes.
Select measures of 4/4 at 133bpm, 3/4 at 100 bpm, or 5/4 at
166bpm. Each time signature/tempo has 7 different drum beats
to choose from, and a click track.

You can also create a progression from scratch, depending
on what tonalities you want to hear and work with.

To get a better idea of how to use the app, watch the
tutorial at

So if you're just tired of using the same old progressions
that you've heard before and are looking for some new and
creative progressions to work with, or just want to brush up
on your knowledge of theory, and what scales work over
certain sets of notes, this might be the app for you!...

Here's a bunch of progressions to try out and use...

'Abstract Clock Tracks' app concept by Ron Jarzombek
IDE programming by Gurpreet Singh Matharoo
Graphics by Ron Jarzombek
Midi programming by Ron Jarzombek

My ‘System 2412’ app is now available on the App Store
and Google Play!

'System 2412' is a writing system app that creates atonal chord
progressions by simply pressing a button. You can also create from scratch,
depending on what tonalities you want to hear and work with.

This app is for the musicians, writers and players who are looking for
new progressions, different ways to construct riffs/melodies, to practice
soloing, or maybe challenge themselves with uncommon/unconventional
note groupings.

All you really need is a grasp of basic music theory... knowledge of
chords and intervals, and what scales can be played over them.
And counting from 1 to 16 for the time signatures. That’s it.

Take to a listen to the song 'We Have Controlled The Federation' which
I wrote exclusively with progressions that I came up with using the
'System 2412' app...

My app "Create A Riff' is now available on the App Store
and Google Play! Yes!!

It’s the guitar version of the app ‘Play The Name’ that I released last year.
'Create A Riff' actually creates a riff out of the letters that you type in and
shows you how to play it on guitar. It sounds rockin' too! Both apps allow
the user (maybe I should say “composer”) to simply spell something out in
text, then listen as it plays. 'Play The Name’ uses the diatonic alphabet as
is more laid back while ‘Create A Riff' uses the chromatic alphabet and is
more rock/metal. Accompanying chords and drums are also created from
the text that you enter.

(Click on the app icons for more info...)

I also have 3 multitracking apps out...

‘Beyond Life And Cosmic Kinetics’, ‘Kill The Digital Distortion’ and
‘Razor Blade Babies’. All of these apps allow the user to mix and match
various tracks/instruments, hear each recorded part by itself, or
shut off lead tracks to compose your own solos and melodies.

Just a few months ago, I released the digital single ‘She Blotted Me
With Science’. This completes my quest for reworking and recording cover
songs that have either word plays or words in the song titles that are
similar to the names of my main recording projects over the years...

‘The Ink Panther’ for SPASTIC INK
‘All Along The WatchTower’ for WATCHTOWER
‘She Blotted Me With Science’ for BLOTTED SCIENCE

There are more apps to come, as well as more recordings!...

'Frenetically Inconsistent Velocities Entwined' no lyric video

Some bands have lyric videos, and some bands have shred videos.
Well, this is my ‘Frenetically Inconsistent Velocities Entwined“ wav file,
hardware tools, piano roll, bobbleheads, amp LED show, treat devouring
ferret, highway driving in reverse, clocks in reverse, treadmill, escalator,
ADAT, multi-colored glowing skull, bulbs whirling by, monsters dropping by,
dancing baby, dancing pig, dancing dog, and choo choo train video in HD.

'Frenetically Inconsistent Velocities Entwined' a.k.a. 'F.I.V.E.' is the first of
four songs that were initially written for the third BLOTTED SCIENCE CD.
The song (featuring Ron Jarzombek on guitars and programming, and
BLOTTED SCIENCE bandmate Alex Webster on bass) is a speed trip with
eighths, triplets, sixteenths, quintuplets, triplet sixteenths, septuplets
and thirty-seconds shifting inconsistently over half time, normal time and
double time grooves, with a few blastbeats thrown in.

Music by Ron Jarzombek

Ron Jarzombek - Guitars and programming
Alex Webster - Bass

Produced, mixed and engineered by Ron Jarzombek
Mastered by Ron Jarzombek
Graphics by Ron Jarzombek

Spastic Science Records
Copyright: Spastic Music

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