update October 15, 2014

Guitarist Ron Jarzombek (BLOTTED SCIENCE, SPASTIC INK, WATCHTOWER) to release the first segment of 'Dissecting Bugs' digital DVD.

"As many BLOTTED SCIENCE fans know, I've been working on an instructional DVD called 'Dissecting Bugs' on which I will play all of the guitar parts on 'The Animation Of Entomology' and explain in theoretical, animated detail the 12-tone system that was used to write the EP. This has been a top music priority of mine ever since the release of 'Animation' in late 2011.

I did take several months off from working on the DVD to put together the 'Beyond Life And Cosmic Kinetics' iOS app (released Nov. 2012); and to rework, rerecord and release the solo songs 'BC 2013' and 'Razor Blade Babies' which were also programmed to be iOS apps (and hopefully will be at a later time). And I also did a few guest solos on PROTEST THE HERO's 'Volition', and HANNES GROSSMANN's 'The Radial Covenant'.

Years later, the DVD is still not completed. Rather than delaying the physical DVD release date even more, I've decided to release it in segments digitally. I've had some sections/segments done for months (if not over a year), so why not get it out? Plus, it's 2014, the digital age!

Also factoring into my decision... A few months ago I released the 'In The Name Of Ron' video in 1280x720 HD. The clarity of the picture compared to standard DVD (720x480) is unreal. There really is no comparison. To get that same quality on a physical DVD would be too complicated (and expensive), and with region code playability/compatibility issues, forget it.

Aside from the DVD taking so long to put together, it also takes a while to view. For example, to play and explain the theory involved in the writing of a 2 minute song takes over 15 minutes on the "digital DVD". At that rate the full complete DVD would be 3 hours. For something this techy and involved, that's overkill. I don't want to fry any brains, I just want to present the writing system that was used to write the 'Animation' EP.

So why bother using an unconventional system to write?... to discover new tonalities and "progressions", break out of usual writing habits, break out of writer's block, and get some sense of structure while simultaneously having endless tonal possibilities. And if you like working with patterns and/or have OCD, you'll have a freaking field day!

One downside to releasing this material digitally in individual segments is there isn't a physical DVD "main menu" to see the whole picture at once to select sections/chapters from. And so I set that up at ronjarzombek.com/dissectingbugs.html.

I'm currently taking pre-orders for the first segment 'A Sting Operation - I. Human Barbequed' which is track 5 on 'The Animation Of Entomology'. The video set will include six HD mp4 videos totaling over 18 minutes... all guitar parts to 'Human Barbequed' played at 100% speed and at 70% speed, breaking down the 'A Sting Operation' 12-tone clock with analysis, the themes used to construct the song, the lead/melodies/solo analysis, and complete notation/tab for the song and themes.

Many thanks to the fans who have been waiting patiently for this material to be released".

Release date is Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014. Check out the preview...