update Nov. 1, 2015

1. The 'Ingesting Blattaria' video set is finally here!! This is the latest installment in the video download series 'Dissecting Bugs'.

Many thanks to the fans who have been waiting patiently for this to be released.

Check out the preview below...

'Ingesting Blattaria' preview

What is 'Dissecting Bugs'?

It is the complete 12-tone analysis and theoretical dissection of the Blotted Science EP 'The Animation Of Entomology'.

For those of you waiting for the 'Dissecting Bugs' physical DVD to be released, chances are it never will be.
As of now, I'm releasing the material in individual segments as video download sets. Currently available are 'Ingesting Blattaria',
'A Sting Operation - I. Human Barbequed' and 'A Sting Operation - II. Cessation Sanitation', which are tracks 1, 4 and 5 on 'The Animation Of Entomology'.

The video sets include HD mp4 videos, all guitar parts to the songs played at 100% speed and at 70% speed, breaking down the 12-tone clock with analysis,
the themes used to construct the songs, the lead/melodies/solo analysis, and complete notation/tab for the songs and themes.

2. WATCHTOWER digitally releases 3 new 'Mathematics' songs.

Sharpen Your Pencils…

Is it?… Can it be?... Yes, the rumors are indeed true– well, sort of. WATCHTOWER, the renowned ultra-prog, tech-metal band from Texas
is at it again and finally releasing new material. The band’s 1989 Control & Resistance lineup (Ron Jarzombek - guitars, Doug Keyser - bass,
Rick Colaluca - drums, and NJ’s Alan Tecchio - vocals) has crafted three new tunes which are taken from the yet to be (if ever) released CD 'Mathematics'...
1. 'M-Theory Overture', 2. 'Arguments Against Design' and 3. 'Technology Inaction'.

The band’s last release with this lineup was just one solitary song back in 2010, so this event is already three times as good as that one!
But seriously, The 2010 single 'The Size Of Matter' was released just before the band played Germany’s legendary Keep It True festival.
After a five year rest recuperating from that gig, WATCHTOWER finally resumed work on Mathematics, hoping to eventually complete it before
the 23rd century. Says Tecchio, “I am so psyched to be back with these guys and am fully committed to getting the great songs that were destined
to be 'Mathematics' out there at long last– however it is we have to do it. They are awesomely heavy and complicated yet very melodic tunes.
It’s that classic, signature Tower sound and I know the fans are gonna love it.”

Ron added, "We've been talking the 'Mathematics' talk for too long, it's time to do some walking. Hopefully, we'll get more songs completed
after these 3 new songs are released. All it takes is a little drive and motivation, and of course support from the fans".

Although the future may seem unclear for this ground-breaking group, one thing is for certain: They will eventually get their math homework done
one way or another. But fans will undoubtedly have to be patient as the songs will most likely be released in a staggered fashion.
The alternative is to wait indefinitely for the entire album to be completed, and that could take forever. Rather than deny the fans any music at all,
WATCHTOWER will release songs as they are completed.

That is all for now. No talking during the test!

'M-Theory Overture'
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'Arguments Against Design'
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'Technology Inaction'
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'The Size Of Matter'
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