Welcome to the new, updated and upgraded ronjarzombek.com.

You'll notice that the overall layout is different. I also spiced
things up a bit and gave everything a new look. All of the icons at
the top of the bands/projects are linked to their Discs, Videos,
Photos, CD Reviews, Interviews and Notation/Tabs.

Be sure to check out the multitracking apps for 'BLACK' (Beyond
Life And Cosmic Kinetics') and 'Babies' (Razor Blade Babies),
as well as all of the new notation/tabs for 'Ink Compatible',
'Machinations', and 'Solitarily Speaking'. Notation/tabs for
the entire Spastic Ink CD ‘Ink Complete’ are up (except for
‘A Wild Hare’ due to Walt Disney’s copyright) as well as the
entire Blotted Science ‘Animation’ EP.

As for what am I currently up to musically?... Two solo CDs.
The first one, which I hope to release in late 2018, includes
4 songs that were written for the 3rd Blotted Science that
never materialized. I'm also working on app programming.

That's about it,

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