update November 1, 2013

1. The instructional DVD has been my main focus for the past several months. On the DVD, I will play all guitar parts, and explain all of the music theory involved in the writing of the 'BLOTTED SCIENCE -The Animation Of Entomology' EP. Since I will be taking everything apart, it will appropriately be called ‘Dissecting Bugs’. Many thanks for the fans who have shown interest in the DVD, have been asking me where to pick it up, and about a release date. At this point, I'd say possibly early '14, but as usual, don't hold me to any release dates.

2. In November of last year, I released the multitasking app 'Beyond Life And Cosmic Kinetics' (aka BLACK), and had planned on releasing two more apps months ago. Due to an MIA programmer and Apple’s ever-changing requirements for submitting apps and problems with iOS7, I have not been able to release these apps. When BLACK was released, the app came first, then months later the 4 digital singles. Rather than continue to wait for something to happen with the songs as multitracking apps, I just decided to release the songs as digital singles. If the apps happen at a later time, great, if not, oh well.

'Razor Blade Babies' is a remake of 'Razor Blade Baby', which appears on my 2009 archives release 'PHHHP! Plus'. 'B. C. 2013' is a remake of 'Blessed Corpse' which also appears on 'PHHHP! Plus'. Both songs have been reworked and re-recorded with current sounds, production, and with a few extras thrown in. The songs are available now at CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon as digital downloads.

3. BLOTTED SCIENCE has begun writing for our third release, which will be a full length CD. At this time, Alex, Hannes and I all have other projects happening, but come early 2014 we will kick it in to high gear.

4. Antithetic Records just recently released both BLOTTED SCIENCE records on vinyl. "The Machinations of Dementia" is a limited edition gatefold double LP, with 100 copies on clear with yellow & green splatter vinyl, 150 copies on bone & blood swirl vinyl, and the remaining 250 copies in black. "The Animation of Entomology" is a single LP, including a full color two-sided insert, with 100 copies on blood red vinyl, 150 copies on yellow with black splatter vinyl, and 250 copies in black.

Orders for both titles can be placed via the Antithetic Records website. Get ‘em while they last.

5. In other news, I did a guest solo spot on the forthcoming PROTEST THE HERO album, "Volition", trading licks with PTH's Luke Hoskin on the song "Drumhead Trial. I've been a fan of these guys for several years, so it's really cool to have been asked and be a part of this album. It was also great playing with Chris (Adler) again."

6. I also just recorded a guest solo track for Hannes Grossmann's upcoming solo CD 'The Radial Covenant'. I'm featured on the same track as Jeff Loomis. Yikes! Be sure to help Hannes out by contributing to his crowdfunding campaign.

7. 7. I am not selling CDs or shirts anymore from ronjarzombek.com. Physical copies of BLOTTED SCIENCE, SPASTIC INK and RON JARZOMBEK solo CDs are available at CDBaby, Amazon, and CM Distro. Click on the CD covers for information... Digital copies are available from iTunes and Amazon.

That's about it...