update May 5, 2015, 2015

The first segments of 'Dissecting Bugs' are currently available as digital downloads.

What is 'Dissecting Bugs'?...

It is the complete 12-tone analysis and theoretical dissection of the Blotted Science EP 'The Animation Of Entomology'.

I just put together the '12-tone fragments' intro which explains the writing system in theoretic detail.

For those of you waiting for the 'Dissecting Bugs' physical DVD to be released, chances are it never will be.
As of now, I'm releasing the material in individual segments as digital download video sets.

I'm currently taking orders for the 'A Sting Operation - I. Human Barbequed' and 'A Sting Operation - II. Cessation Sanitation',
which are tracks 4 and 5 on 'The Animation Of Entomology'. The video sets includes HD mp4 videos totaling over 20 minutes...
all guitar parts to the songs played at 100% speed and at 70% speed, breaking down the 12-tone clock with analysis,
the themes used to construct the songs, the lead/melodies/solo analysis, and complete notation/tab for the songs and themes.

'Ingesting Blattaria' is next.

Many thanks to the fans who have been waiting patiently for this material to be released".

Check out the previews below...

'Human Barbequed' preview

'Cessation Sanitation' preview