"Spastic Ink - Ink Compatible"
Review by Robbie Woning

Almost conincidental with the WatchTower show at the Headway festival in Amstelveen, the long-awaited second album of Spastic Ink, guitarist Ron Jarzombek's present project, was released. After messing around in his home-studio for years with the most bizarre, dissonant, and complex guitar symfonies, and out of pure boredom writing a soundtrack for large parts of Disney's Bamby, Jarzombek is finally gaining some recognition as of late, and was even invited as a second guitarist on Marty Friedman's Music For Speeding tour. Although Spastic Ink is formally a band, the playing of bassist Pete Perez (Riot) and drummer/brother Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Riot) serves primarily as a basis for the sick and twisted musical figments of Ron's imagination. If you can picture a mix of Steve Vai's Flex-Able and WatchTower's second album Control and Resistance, you can get some sort of an idea of what's in store for you when you listen to Ink Compatible. An album's worth of musical contortion, against a background of complex drum-rythms and abruptly changing atmospheres, the sickest and ever-changing and choppy guitar-licks mixed together. The scariest part about Spastic Ink is that all of the lightning-quick solos and synchronized slowing licks are thought out exactly, in detail and to the last note. New in Jarzombek's formula is the use of vocals. WatchTower vocalist Jason McMaster, as well as David Gildenlow of Pain of Salvation have been hired by the guitar player to work out the computer-concept of the CD in more detail in songs like "Just A Little Bit", "Melissa's Friend", and "Mulit Masking". And the list of guests doesn't end there, as Marty Friedman, Sean Malone, Michael Manning, Jens Johansson and a number of other freaky musicians contribute to this record. It's impossible to put the genius of this CD in words. Fortunately you can listen to fragments of the songs, and artful musical animations and video clips at the web site www.ronjarzombek.com.

Robbie Woning
90/100 points

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