'Solitarily Speaking Of Theoretical Confinement' multitrack stems are now available!...

Over the past several years, I've seen and heard LOTS of fans playing songs from Blotted Science, Spastic Ink and my solo CDs on youtube, facebook, etc...
and thought it might be cool to make the original multitrack stems available to play along to, make up your own solos, remix, analyze, etc...
And what better CD to do this with than my personal favorite!... 'Solitarily Speaking Of Theoretical Confinement'.

On this CD, I wrote, played, programmed, and mixed/produced everything. The only other sound contributors were an Alesis D4 drum sound module,
an E-MU Proteus FX, and a Roland M-SE 1.

All guitar, bass and midi instrument 44.1Hz 16bit wav files are included, as well as the drums and click track (so even drummers can play along to the original tracks).
Also included is notation/tabs for all lead and rhythm guitar tracks, bass and midi instruments.

Just import the mono or stereo wavs into your multitracking software, line them all up at 0:00, and go...

'Grizzly Bears Don't Fly Airplanes' - 0:15 (free sample)

Multitrack stems: (to download... right click then "save target as")
Lead guitar M, Lead guitar LR, Rhythm guitars LR, Rhythm guitar M, Bass, Drums, and Click.

Notation/tab: Grizzly Bears pdf

'Grizzly Bears Don't Fly Airplanes' is a phrase used to learn the notes on the lines of the bass clef (G B D F A).
These notes also makes up a G9 chord. The bass part is playing the notes G B D F A, and the rhythm gtr is comping a G9 chord.

'Erratic Chromatic' - 1:24

Multitrack stems: Guitar, B3, Synth Bass, Drums and Click

Descending and ascending chromatic scales are erratically placed rhythmically intro various octaves. Beat subdivisions include eighths, triplets and sixteenths.

To order... paypal $2.00 to ron@ronjarzombek.com

'At The Stop-N-Go' - 1:16

Multitrack stems: Guitar, Xylophone, Drums, Click

Lots of starts, stops, hesitation, anticipation, and delays. Beat subdivisions include eighths, triplets, sixteenths, quintuplets, triplet sixteenths and septuplets

To order... paypal $2.00 to ron@ronjarzombek.com

'Sick, Dirty, Sick' - 0:52

Multitrack stems: Lead guitar M, Lead guitar LR, Rhythm guitars LR, Bass, Bells/Strings, Drums, and Click.

Sometimes on a Sunday afternoon, Jenny (the wifey) and I go to our favorite Chinese restaurant and get our regular "lunch special to go" -
two lemon chickens with sauce on the side, no eggroll, extra rice. When the cute little lady at the cash register rings us up, this is what she says...

To order... paypal $3.00 to ron@ronjarzombek.com

'Frank Can Get Drunk And Eat Beer' - 0:55

Multitrack stems: Lead guitar M, Rhythm guitars LR, Bass, Drums, and Click.

'Frank Can Get Drunk And Eat Beer' is a mnemonic device used to learn the order of sharps in Major keys (F C G D A E B).
The progression starts in the key of G Major (one sharp, F) then modulates through all of the keys (adding one sharp every 4 measures)
until it reaches C# Major (7 sharps).

To order... paypal $2.00 to ron@ronjarzombek.com

'Snuff' - 2:46

Multitrack stems: Melody guitar M, Rhythm guitar LR, Comp guitars LR, Clean Guitars M, Bass, Drums, and Click.

The first WatchTower song I ever wrote parts for was 'Mayday In Kiev', but not the version that appears on 'Control And Resistance'.
I had written a dorky bass part for the verses that had a rest on the first downbeat and came in on an upbeat. This dreaded tune sounded like
Snuffleupagus walking down Sesame Street. From this moment on, whenever I made up a tune that didn't come in on the first downbeat, it was "snuff".

On this song, the lead guitar themes and melodies never hit a note on the downbeat of any count.

To order... paypal $3.00 to ron@ronjarzombek.com

Ron Jarzombek - Solitarily Speaking Of Theoretical Confinement
Mr. Kitty 2002

All Music by Ron Jarzombek
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Ron Jarzombek

Ron Jarzombek - Guitars, Bass and Programming
Roland Emessy I - Strings and Synths
Prodeus Effecks - Piano, Harp, Bells, marimba, B3 and Chinese Gong
Dee Fore - Drums and Percussion

1. Wait A Second
2. A Headache And A Sixty-Fourth
3. I've Got The Runs
4. Spelling Bee
5. 911
6. Melodramatic Chromatic
7. To B Or Not To B
8. Dramatic Chromatic
9. Frank Can Get Drunk And Eat Beer
10. Battle Of The Hands
11. About Face
12. >Having Second Thoughts
13. Two-Face
14. 7 Up
15. Sabbatic Chromatic
17. Grizzly Bears Don't Fly Airplanes
18. Snuff
19. Sex With Squeakie
20. >Two Thirds Of Satan
21. At The 7-11
22. On Second Thought
23. The Whole Truth, Nothing But...
24. Sick, Dirty, Sick
25. Minor Yours
26. Minor Else!
27. Give Me A Break
28. Yum Yum Tree
29. At The Stop-N-Go
30. On A Scale From 1 To 10
31. Static Chromatic
32. Rigidude
33. Erratic Chromatic
34. WatchTower
35. Back And Forth
36. Dimented
37. 1st And 10
38. Gimme 5
39. In The Name Of Ron
40. I've Got The Runs Again
41. Tri, Tri Again
42. 9 to 5
43. I've Got The Runs Really Bad
44. Gee!
45. I'll Be Back...

So what does "SOLITARILY SPEAKING OF THEORETICAL CONFINEMENT" mean, and why is it the title of this CD?

Well, at first I was going to title this solo CD "AAHHH!" (as a follow-up to PHHHP!), but that didn't quite explain the concept that I had in mind.
I wanted to take common phrases and literally capture them with musical themes and notes. For instance, "To B Or Not To B" would have one musical theme
only using the note B, then another theme would use all of the notes except B; "Having Second Thoughts" would only use Major and Minor 2nd intervals;
"Gimme 5" would be all quintuplets, in 5/4 time, in the keys of B Major (5 sharps) and Db Major (5 flats); "Minor Yours" would be only minor chords;
"Spelling Bee" would repeatedly spell out BEE in notes; "9 to 5" would be all 9 #5 chords moving from frets 9 to 5, with the measures going from 9/8 to 5/8;
and "Tri, tri again" would be all triplets, in 3/4 time, in the keys of A Major (3 sharps) and Eb (3 flats), using only triads. Now of course I could solo
and play melodies everywhere, but for the themes I'd have to follow the specifications indicated by the titles.

I've always been partial to writing music based on theory, numbers, patterns, actions, etc... and it seemed like it would be fun to try to follow such
strict guidelines. But would this be too "confining" for an entire CD? I figured that if my brother Bobby and I could write a 4 1/2 minute song with only
two notes ("See and It's Sharp" - from "Ink Complete"), then it must be possible to come up with a few musical themes for each of these phrases.
But a whole 40-74 minute CD? Why not?! What if I wanted to go outside these "rules" and just come up with music that sounded cool and interesting?
Nope, we're talking about discipline and persistence here...

After deciding to go ahead with this idea, the main problem was that I had too many song titles. The first day I came up with 31! AAHHH!
Typically, that would mean writing about 3 or 4 CDs. I just wanted to do ONE full length CD!, but I really wanted to use lots of titles. Hhhmmm...
And having 2 seconds between all of the songs would be very annoying, so why not make the CD continuous? I finally ended up with about 50 titles to work with,
but now I had to come up with the music. So let's see... A whole progressive instrumental CD, based on these musical theories and phrases, and all of the songs
running into each other? How "radio-friendly" can I get?

A few weeks into the writing of this material, it was too obvious that the CD should not be entitled "AAHHH!". "THEORETICALLY SPEAKING" was a more fitting title
for the collection of songs, but it just didn't have enough character. Then I thought of the fact that this was a solo effort. Several words that came up were "single",
"individual", "alone", "one and only", and "solitary". "Solitary"?? As in "SOLITARY CONFINEMENT"? That sounds pretty cool, but it doesn't have much to do with me and this music.
I mean, sure I'm locked away all by myself in my room writing and putting this together, but it's not that bad! I'm not confined, but the THEORY and rules are very CONFINING!
Wait a minute!... How about mixing up "THEORETICALLY SPEAKING" with "SOLITARY CONFINEMENT"? And that's how I came up with perfect title...


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