When my two brothers and I were kids, our dad used to take out his two front false teeth (his real teeth were knocked out when he blocked a punt playing high school football) and do this chomping face like he was a rabid chipmunk. For some reason we called this the "Yum-Yum Tree."

During WatchTower's "Control And Resistance" tour way back in 1990, Doug Keyser (Tower bassist) and I came up with this ridiculous system for writing tunes. We assigned the letters of the alphabet on the guitar, starting with the letter "A" as the open low E on the 6 string, ascending chromatically to the letter "Z" on the 1st fret of the high E string. We would spell out various words, thus creating melodies.

In this song, the word "YUM" (played twice) has the notes E C E, which are in an A minor chord. The word "TREE" has the notes B A G# G#, which work very well over an E 7 chord. The rest of the tune is a progression in F# minor, followed by a progression in C minor.

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