In late 2012, I released a multitracking app entitled ‘Beyond Life
And Cosmic Kinetics’ (aka 'B.L.A.C.K.') on iOS devices. I hired a
programmer from Russia who built the app in XCode and made my
“interactive multitracking app” dream a reality.

The app was up for a few years, but Apple took it down when
iOS 11 came around and all apps had to be converted to 64 bit.
Since I was no longer in contact with the Russian programmer
my app was then taken off of the App Store because it could not
be updated to 64 bit.

Being hardheaded and persistent I took up programming myself
and rebuilt/redesigned 'B.L.A.C.K.' from scratch. And so the app is
now available on the web for desktop and laptop. Woohoo! YES!!
You can also play the app phone your phone (via your web browser).
Just select your phone type for the correct pixel/point resolution.
Also, be patient! It takes a while (a minute or two) for all of
the audio files to load up. If you get the "This webpage was
reloaded because a problem occured" message, just try again.
The audio files are loading.

However, getting the app on the App store (and Android devices)
is a much more complicated process so that will take more time,
but that is definitely in the works.

Basically, what the app does is take a song that I specifically
wrote for this application, and gives the user lots of options of
what parts/instruments they want to hear.

BTW, you cannot just upload/import any existing song released
in stereo into the app and magically expect the stems/tracks to
separate and load up so that you have control of them. Yes, it is
possible to release other songs with this multitracking app format,
but all stems need to be separated, synced, and programmed in.

So check the app out. Let me know if you dig it. Also, any XCode
and/or Java programmers who are interested in building apps, feel
free to contact me at


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