Tech-metal nerds UNITE! Ron Jarzombek of the cult band Watchtower sits down
in his squeaky ass chair and gives us the entire Jarzombek chapter! Growing up
with his super-drummer brother Bobby in Texas, building his own guitars and
losing guitar endorsements, the Watchtower timeline, Blotted Science and his
obsession with bug movies, touring with Marty Friedman, turning down Fates
Warning and denying an audition for TSO, teaching guitar, long-distance
bandmates, sharing views on todays cookie-monster vocals, and the future
of the second EP. (Run on sentence.)

Check the links below and you HAVE to watch that Blotted Science video.
This dude is a scientist; a scientist who dresses his ferrets in halloween
costumes. Believe me he sent me pictures.

1. 'As The Story Grows' Botched Radio ID

2. 'Control And Resistance' and S. A. Slayer

3. Early Influences

4. Writing For Spastic Ink and Solo Material

5. Hand Problems

6. Building Guitars and Endorsements

7. WatchTower Writing StrugglesD

8. 5 Songs Completed In 15 Years

9. WatchTower Day Jobs and Bad Communication

10. Blotted Science Scoring Bug Movies

11. Why Bugs?

12. Other Band Auditions and Marty Friedman

13. Teaching

14. 4 Ferrets and a Baby Boy

15. Long Distance Internet Recordings

16. Cookie Monster and Dog Barking Vocals

17. 'Concepts Of Math: Book 2'?

'As The Story Grows' website (full interview)

'As The Story Grows' iTunes podcast

'As The Story Grows' streaming

'Cretaceous Chasm' video - Music by Blotted Science

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