WatchTower - 'Concepts Of Math: Book One'
Prosthetic Records
Release date - October 7, 2016

Alan Tecchio - Vocals
Ron Jarzombek - Guitars
Doug Keyser - Bass
Rick Colaluca - Drums

Comments vocalist Alan Tecchio: "I am so stoked to be a part of this
legendary jazz-metal-prog group once again! Right now we are close to
finishing the tracking for the additional 10 minute song that we are
adding to the other four tunes. This will complete the EP that Prosthetic
plans to release later this year. I can tell you that the new song is
especially super cool and has that classic Watchtower sound. I think the
fans, both new and old, will have a deep appreciation for what is going
to be available from us later this year."

Guitarist Ron Jarzombek further remarked on the partnership: "I'm psyched
to be on the same label as my old friend Marty Friedman! Prosthetic has
also been home to great bands like Gojira, Animals As Leaders, All That
Remains, as well as my fellow Texans, Scale the Summit. It's nice to
know we are in good company on this label. The music we'll release late
this year picks up right where we left off with Control And Resistance."

Watchtower was formed in 1982 in Austin, TX and has been hailed as the
first jazz inspired progressive metal band. They have released two full
length albums to date: Energetic Disassembly"in 1985 and 1989s Control
And Resistance, which is often hailed as the benchmark for progressive
metal and has influenced a countless number of heavy, technical bands.

Over the years the group has gone through line-up changes, break-ups
and hiatuses, though the individual members have always kept themselves
in the public eye. Jarzombek, through his Spastic Ink and Blotted Science
projects, has established himself as one of the most respected guitar
players in the scene. Tecchio has fronted Hades and Non Fiction, and
sang for Seven Witches throughout the years. His vocal range and style
is unrivalled. Drummer Rick Colaluca has been name checked consistently
by the likes of Gene Hoglan and Mike Portnoy, among many other drummers.
Bass player Doug Keyser has an impressive list of bands whove asked him
to audition for them (Metallica, being one) while still being cited as a
major influence from a younger generation of 4-string players.

Concepts Of Math: Book One features 2010s digital single, "The Size Of
Matter", along with three additional tracks the band surprised fans by
releasing across digital platforms late last year. An epic new track,
"Mathematica Calculis", rounds out the EP.