This guitar took me about 10 months to build. I built it mainly to be able to play songs off of "Ink Compatible" live. That never happened, but I still use this guitar every weekend gigging in town.

As you can see the bridges and necks are offset. The reason for this is to have the whammy bar on the top neck for lead playing (which helps having the strings closer). If the necks were even, whenever the bottom neck is played, the wrist would hit the whammy bar, and severely interfere with playing. So when I play the bottom neck, the whammy bar from the Floyd Rose is in front of my hand. Notice that the top neck has about 1 1/2' of wood after the 24th fret which allows for TOTAL access to all frets.

The main holdup building the guitar was figuring out how I was going to get the thin lines on the circuit board. I tried painting them on with fine brushes, and it looked awful. I finally thought of using the racing striping tape that they use on cars. It was very difficult getting the curves cut just right, but the persistence paid off. I also wasn't sure what colors to paint it, but I decided on a off-red, to match the gold "Ink Compatible" cover PC board tape. I also laid out some paste on letters and numbers for the (R) resistors and (C) capacitors. And the pickups are integrated circuits! LOL!

I also wasn't sure where to put the switch that toggles between the necks. I played a few gigs with the toggle switch right in between the necks, and accidentally hit it about 10 times (turning on the wrong neck) during maybe 4 or 5 songs.

I tune the top neck D G C F A D, and the bottom neck A E A D F# B. I also use the bottom neck to write most of the tunes for 'Machinations Of Dementia', which has almost all songs tuned to low A.

I videotaped the entire building and painting of the guitar, from day one when I was laying down the sheets of 1' X 6' poplar wood on my living room floor, drawing out the design, refingerboarding and refretting the top neck, routing and shaping, wiring, painting and clearing, then the final assembly. All I need to do now is edit about 15 hours of videotape!...