November 26, 2004

The latest Ink news is:

1. Check out my new guitar! I started building it way back in March, and finally finished it last week. I built this guitar to be able to pull off the songs from "Ink Compatible" (which have alternate tunings on the same songs) if we ever get to the point of playing them live.

2. It's been several months since the release of "Ink Compatible" and thanks to some very knowledgable and articulate writers, we have received virtually nothing but great reviews. Hopefully, there are more to come.

For those of you who haven't picked up the CD yet, here's track 1 - 'Aquanet'.
and track 6 'Multi-Masking''

We are gradually picking up more distributors for the CD, which is now available in the US, Canada, Japan (through Marquee/Avalon), Greece, Russia (through Iron-d), Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Chile, and who knows where else. Most of the distributors also have picked up the first Ink CD "Ink Complete" and my solo CD "Solitarily Speaking Of Theoretical Confinement".

Here are a few tracks...

from 'Ink Complete'...
'The Mad Data Race'
'That 178 Thing'

from 'Solitarily Speaking of Theoretical Confinement"...
'A Headache And A Sixty-Fourth'
'Melodramatic Chromatic'
'Two Thirds Of Satan'
Yum-Yum Tree
'Sick, Dirty, Sick'
'I've Got The Runs Really Bad'

3. Check out the latest Spastic Ink interview with Jim Lucas from

Also, a few months ago, I did an 1 1/2 hour phone interview with Matt Johnsen. This will be published in an upcoming issue of Metal Maniacs. I can't imagine the editing that Matt had to do with 90 minutes of conversation!

I also just finished a rather in-depth interview with Carl Begai. Check for that interview in an upcoming issue of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles.

4. We are still putting together video clips of us rehearsing and recording songs from "Ink Compatible". Here are a few clips. Stay tuned for more...

Ron - "Multi-Masking" (1.7 MB)
Bobby - "Aquanet" (4.3 MB)

5. During the past several months, WatchTower has been tweaking the music and finishing up lyrics for the next CD. Last weekend, Rick went into Melody Ranch studios here in San Antonio, and recorded drums for the first half of the songs. The rest of us will record our tracks in our own home studios. The plan is to complete the first half of the songs, then begin shopping the CD while the rest of the material is being recorded. About a tentative release date..., don't even ask. I have a timetable in my head that I'm following, but I don't want to get into any of that for obvious reasons.

6. I also have started up a project with two killer musicians from the death/extreme metal genre. Over the past few months I have been writing tunes and putting a concept together with these guys. Looks like this is going to be all (or mostly) instrumental! I'll be sure to give out specific details as the project materializes...

That's about it...

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