WatchTower - 1989 'Control And Resistance' recording sessions
SkyTrak Studios - Berlin, Germany

Alan Tecchio - Vocals
Ron Jarzombek - Guitars
Doug Keyser - Bass
Rick Colaluca - Drums

Noise Records flew us in to Berlin to record the album.
On the 5th floor in the building was the bedrooms, recreation
area, kitchen, laundry room, and offices. On the floor just
below was the recording studio.

"Dude, get your own peanut butter!"oooooooooooooooo "Leave me alone!!"

My guitar and amp setup

The guitar needs to be MUCH louder!!ooooooooooo No! the drums need to be WAY louder!!

Slicebell!!oooooooooooooooAlert! Mayday! ooooooooooooooo5 down, 3 to go...

Alan feeling free!...

This method is better than wav files and a mouse. NOT!!!

Noise Records provided two bedrooms for us. Doug and
Alan's room was always immaculate. Rick and I shared
this room. I took a picture of it every few weeks.

"Has anybody seen the pool cues? Ah, forget it..."

Two cool chicks hanging out at the studio.

"I just knocked out that 'Dangerous Toy' bass solo in one take..."

The guy on the left was fired because he was an
alcoholic. The guy on the right was fired because he
had the personality of a doorknob.

Gerdi (L) and Tom (R) kicked ass!

Visiting the Berlin wall

At the photo session for the album back cover

I have no explanation for this...

Bing, bing, bing!!!ooooooooooooo SSSCCHHHWWIIINNNGGGGG!!!


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