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'In The Name Of Ron' basic video (3:45, HD)

'In The Name Of Ron' - with theoretical analysis,
including notation/tab, 'Assigning chords', 'Chord analysis',
'Additional melodies' analysis and "pop-ups"

Ron Jarzombek - 'Cretaceous Chasm' in 12-Tone Fragments

Ron Jarzombek - 'Oscillation Cycles'

Blotted Science live rehearsals at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, FL

'Oscillation Cycles'
'Laser Lobotomy'

From 'Machinations Of Dementia'
(work recordings)

Synaptic Plasticity - tune 1
Windows Media

Synaptic Plasticity - tune 2
Windows Media

Synaptic Plasticity - tune 3
Windows Media

Windows Media

The Circle Of 12 Tones
The Circle Of 12 Tones update

'A Wild Hare' from 'Spastic Ink -Ink Complete'

1. The New Prince
2. I'm Thumpin'
3. Bir-d
4. Eating Greens
5. Fun On Ice

Live 'Spastic Ink - Ink Compatible' video footage

Ron - '"Multi-Masking'" (1.7 MB)
Bobby - 'Aquanet' (4.3 MB)

Animated videos

The Cereal Mouse
Double Spaced
Taking Notes

On the Guitarevolution tour (with Marty Friedman)

Dragon Mistress (3.5MB)
Gimme A Dose (4.6MB)
Ripped (4.6MB)
Fuel Injection Stingray (3.9MB)
Cheer Girl Rampage (2.2MB)

WatchTower - live in San Antonio, TX 2004

'Control And Resistance'
'Social Fears'
'Energetic Disassembly'

WatchTower - live in Austin, TX 2000

'The Eldritch'

The intro for an upcoming animated film by Morley Arts