"Ron Jarzombek - Solitarily Speaking Of Theoretical Confinement"
Review by Troy Doebbler

Progressive Metal heads prepare yourself for another instructional masterpiece on how to play the game. Ron Jarzombek, who you might remember from such inspirational and unbelievable bands as WatchTower and Spastic Ink has put together not only a collection of music that will rip your head off, but will have you questioning what you really know about the art of music. To me this album is more like a sort of never-ending symphony of chaos and melody, not to mention that the record plays constant for forty-five tracks. The amount of knowledge and articulation on this is mind-blowing!

It was very hard for me to pick a favorite piece of music on this release because there are so many different styles and configurations on here. So I decided to say every damn song on here is equally impressive and worthy of everyone's attention.

For all you theory freaks out there, welcome to your wet dream! I have to hand it to Ron, in my personal opinion this is one of the coolest releases I have heard in the past year hands down, and it's very nice to hear something so different for a change. I really like the fact that Mr. Jarzombek took the time to explain his creations to everyone on the inside sleeve of the CD, it helps me: I guess there always is a method to the madness.

All in all this is something everyone should check out if for nothing else, just to see what a higly skilled guitarist and overachieving musician can create. Once again, excellent job sir, and I look forward to hearing what is to come next...

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