'The Cereal Mouse' synced to 'Charlotte's Web'

This was the first animation that I scored. This was way back when
there was no such thing as importing a video into a multitracking
program (or I surely wasn't aware of it). I used a hardware device
called Razzle to get the video feed into my computer, then synced
the audio to video with a handheld metronome, manually pressing the
spacebars on two computers (one for audio, one for video) until
everything was in sync.

I was also looking for an existing animation/cartoon to score and
I remembered the cool action sequence in Charlotte’s Web where
Templeton the rat was going spastic eating a bunch of food in a
carnival. After coming up with the title “Cereal Mouse” (serial mouse),
I knew it was the perfect video to score for ‘Ink Compatible”.

Ron rehearsing 'Multi-Masking'

Bobby rehearsing 'Aquanet'

'Read Me' animations

Yes, I realize that these 'Read Me' videos are ridiculously cheesy.
A decade or two ago when I was first introduced to computers, I wanted
to score music to anything that was moving onscreen, so I bought a
software program called Micrografx Simply 3D. This program came with
a DVD that had lots of 3D objects to work with and animate... numbers,
letters, furniture, helmets, kitchen utensils, boats, elephants,
refrigerators, all sorts of goodies. I wanted to make any kind of
videos (along with corresponding titles) that were somehow “computer”
related, since the Spastic Ink CD that I was writing for was titled
“Ink Compatible”. And these are the videos that I came up with.