Jason McMaster - Vocals
Ron Jarzombek - Guitars
Pete Perez - Bass
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums

Me and my good buddy Pete working parts out, then recording...

"Yeah, I just got this techy Ink stuff recorded, now I'm up for a
year and a half of touring with the metal God himself..."

This is the setup that we used for getting Bobby's drums on tape.
An Alesis ADAT, a 16 channel Mackie mixer, and an 8 channel mixer.

All EQ, compression, noise gates, effects, etc... was added months later
at my home studio.

Jason working out the timing on some vocal lines, then wailing away...

This is the hard drive arm and motherboard that I used for the CD graphics.
The hard drive worked fine before I torn it apart. The motherboard was from
my old Pentium II system. It was working, but probably doesn't anymore
since I ink blotted it.

Fabian Jarzombek, the owner and manager of Fabian Studios,
where we tracked Bobby's drums.